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Auto collision repair schools are educational institutions where individuals who dream to become an auto technician enroll. Repairing the damaged body of cars and automobiles are no laughing matter and you can’t be successful at this field without proper education and training.

Auto collision repair schools provide all facts, details and information on how to repair damaged cars. Repairing cars is not only about welding the body or straightening the frames. There is science behind every job and every work that need to be done on damaged cars and you can learn all of this when you enroll in auto collision repair schools.

Auto Collision Repair Schools and Programs

Auto Collision Repair SchoolsAuto collision repair schools teach their students a variety of subjects that can make them good auto technicians. Listed below is a brief description of subject matters being taught in auto collision repair schools.

Molding of automobile metals and plastics

Gone are the days when the body of a car is made up of metal. Nowadays, durable plastic is also used on the manufacture of cars so it can become lighter and more fuel efficient. Auto collision repair schools can teach their students techniques on how to mold metals and plastics which will be used to patch the damaged portion of a car.

Welding and use of sheet metals

The body of a heavily damaged vehicle should be completely removed especially if the damage is due to high collision accident. A damage of this extent would require new sheets of metal to replace the entire body of the car. Auto collision repair schools can teach you the technology, equipment and knowledge to perform these detailed tasks. Since the main job of an auto collision technician is to restore a damaged vehicle to a brand new state, he should be very skillful at removing imperfections found on a car’s body.

Preparation, mixing and application of car paint

Another tedious task that an auto body technician needs to know is the application of paint on the vehicle being restored. It is not enough that you know how to use airbrush and other paint supplies. You should also be very knowledgeable when it comes to the preparation of paint to be used on the car. Auto collision repair schools also teach you how to mix paint in order to produce the desired color for the car being repaired. There is also a proper timing on when to apply car paint and this can be taught in detail by car collision repair schools. Some cars that sustain minor damage during a collision may only need minor repainting job. Paint removal and application of new coats is needed to remove minor dents on this car and with proper knowledge from auto collision repair schools, it can be easily done.

Refinishing of fiberglass and galvanized panels

To fully restore a vehicle to a brand new state, an auto repair technician should also know how to cut, trim and use fiberglass and galvanized panels. Some parts of damaged cars are made up of fiberglass and galvanized panels so an auto technician is expected to have knowledge on how to repair it. With proper training from auto collision repair schools, you can refurnish these parts of the car.

Auto Collision Repair Schools and Durability of Restored Vehicle

Auto collision repair schools can teach you how to remove the cracks and dents on the body of a damaged car. But a good auto collision mechanic is not only concerned with the outward appearance of the car – he also keeps in mind the structural integrity of the vehicle.

Structural integrity can be defined as the quality of the car to last. Cars which have been heavily damaged by a car collision lose its integrity. This is why auto repair technician need to carefully put reinforced metals and plastics on the car being restored. It is not enough to restore the beauty of the car – it should also be well built so it won’t fall apart when used.

What would happen if the repairs made on a damaged vehicle is not done right? The vehicle could put the driver and its passenger in a lot of trouble if it is not structurally sound. A restored vehicle which is not well-built could cause you more harm because it can easily fall apart in case another accident happens. Safety matters when you are driving your car. To ensure this, you should carefully choose auto collision repair shops that can effectively restore both the beauty and structural integrity of your damaged car.