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There has been a steady rise on the number of cars being used and this is the reason for the rising demand for auto body repair technician.  An auto body repair technician is one who takes charge on the repairs and restoration of a damaged vehicle. An expert auto body repair technician has also the ability to build a car from scratch

Auto Body Repair Technician and Knowledge of Vehicles

In order to become a good auto body repair technician, he must have vast knowledge about techniques and technology used in building or repairing a vehicle. New innovations and new approach on how to repair a vehicle can only be taught inside auto body repair schools. Most of the time, you also need to undergo hands-on training in order to understand what is being taught inside auto repair schools.

Auto Body Repair Technician and Skills He Needs to Know

Auto Body Repair TechnicianA diploma or degree on auto body repair is necessary so people and potential employers can see an evidence or proof that you are a good auto body repair technician. Auto body repair schools can provide all there is to know about the parts needed and jobs that need to be done in order to put a vehicle in a good running condition. Here are some skills that an auto body repair technician needs to know.

Auto body repair and replacement of various vehicle panels - An auto body repair technician is expected to be very knowledgeable at making repairs on the body of a damaged vehicle. Not only is an auto body repair technician in charge of removing dents and imperfections on a vehicle, he is also in charge or replacing panels that make up the exterior of the car.

Regular auto maintenance - There are things that need to be regularly done in order to maintain a vehicle’s good running condition. A vehicle should be regularly checked if it has adequate oils and fluids. The wheel alignment and lubricants on tires should also be monitored regularly to ensure safety of the vehicle. These are just examples of things that need to be maintained in a car. However, there are a lot more regular maintenance procedures which an auto body repair technician must know and this can only be learned from auto body repair schools.

Proper use of equipment and ensuring safety in the workplace - The equipments needed to restore a damaged vehicle to a brand new condition are not easy to master. To do this, you need to spend hours of practice and training to become familiar and skillful at using car-repair equipments. In addition to keeping yourself familiar with the latest tools and equipment for car repairs, a good auto body repair technician is also expected to know how to keep safe inside an auto repair shop.

Painting and finishing - Auto body repair technicians are given the task of restoring the brand new condition of a damaged vehicle. One job that can really make a vehicle brand new is through the application of paint and other finishing materials. Putting paint and finishing on a car requires control, patience and proper timing on the part of the auto body repair technician. He can learn all these skills if he is enrolled in an auto repair school.

Putting up of plastic and fiber fillers - Most vehicles today are not entirely made up of steel and metal alloys. A lot of cars today are also made up of plastic and fiber fillers. Molding and shaping the plastic and fiber fillers cannot be learned without the help of auto repair schools. Auto body repair technicians who have successfully finished a course on auto repair are well-equipped with knowledge on how to fill, insert and use plastic and fiber fillers.

Welding skills - Welding is a procedure wherein two metal parts of a vehicle are put together using high-pressure heat. Without proper training on how to use a welding machine, an auto body repair technician can’t make a durable vehicle. A vehicle can stay fixed, compact and tough if it is welded properly.

Cost estimation of vehicles damaged by auto collisions - A car owner who wants his vehicle repaired always consider how much it will cost him in order to get an almost-brand new look. As an auto body repair technician, you are expected to know the cost of parts and how long will it take to finish the repair. As an auto body technician, you need to be aware of the current repair labor cost and materials cost in order to give your client a very accurate cost estimate.